Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A World Where Youth Hold the Power

Youth in Action gives the opportunity for young people to be able to express themselves in a positive way and change their environment. I agree with the style of youth engagement. I think that it is very important to allow youth to express their feelings and have their opinion on different inputs. With such roles and responsibilities for the youth to have like decision making skills, it can help them have a better understanding of their community and environment. It is sad to say that some adults think that because of someone's age that they have no knowledge or they may not know what there talking about. From my experiences as a teenager, I cant remember if I had any contribution towards the inputs of my school environment or around my community.

Youth and Action model the notion of "Leading with.." by showing that the youth are the leaders, that they are in charge and collaborating with one another. Social change is the main focus in this nonprofit organization. In the article, many of the YIA students share their personal stories of how they fought for their voices to be heard and acknowledged by others. Being part of YIA it has allowed the students to voice out their opinions and standing up for themselves in society as well as making a social change a reality in society. I think that it is very important to give the youth an opportunity to express and share their stories and individual struggles so that way you as an individual can work with them on how to go about solving their issue and finding solutions that they are comfortable with.

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