Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Event 2

New Life New Bedford Kids Ministry

This is my first time ever to be able to serve kids ministry at this level with God and teaching his children about faith and God himself.

How we feel about Christmas being 6 days away... #🎄 #🙌🏻 #🎁

Our goal is to help children love God and love church!
The team that I am part of for New Life Kids is called Kingdom Kids. The ages range from preschool-kindergarten. Being part of the team is a great experience and empower the little ones and teach them about God at such a young age and to able to help them understand once they get older. We engage these children with bible stories, fun activities and vibrant worship. Within these the preschoolers learn three truths: God made them , God loves them and He wants to be their forever friend. (An example being New Life) Teaching the young children about God and having a relationship with them also helps them with identity. This reminds me of the article by Nakkula and Toshalis   on Identity

As the children grow older, I want them to know that I am here for them. Me being part of a team and serving the children I have learned about using connections I have to reach a goal, and to know that fellowship is important for our youth. I am so blessed to have given the opportunity and get the  experience with such wonderful people and serving God and his children.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Youth Development

YDEV is a program that focuses on the youth in a variety of context settings. It gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and career choices. The program has three different components and avenues: Education, Social Work and Non- Profit Studies. It allows you to work in settings such as administrative, face to face or both which helps to open different opportunities especially within your internship.
According to the article, Youth Development programs "are seeking to improve the lives of children and adolescents by meeting their social needs, physical development and helping them build their competences' to become successful adults." In your final year, you are required to complete 180 hours of your interest of choice. This is a great start especially because it will help you decide what you really want to get into for the future and making yourself mindful and aware of exactly what and where you see yourself as a youth worker.
Currently, Rhode Island College is the ONLY school that is offering Youth Development at the moment. If your the type of person who loves working with the youth but not in a traditional school setting then YDEV, is a program that you would absolutely enjoy and love especially if you love the youth.

Event 1

I attended the open house at Rhode Island College on Saturday, November 12th. It was an exciting event that I got to be apart of. I was representing the YDEV major with Dr.Bogad, and other students. Our responsibilities consumed of introducing ourselves and what was Youth Development and the different avenues that pertained to the major to the new students that may be choosing RIC as their college. When doing these few things it reminded me of the elevator speech when I practiced and learned it in Dr. McKamey's YDEV 250 class.

During the event, I was able to oversee one of my fellow classmates, Ilana which I think she did a wonderful job.  I learned pretty much how to explain how the major and just making it flow and not thinking about it as much just naturally letting it come out. A lot of the students that were coming up to our table seemed a bit confused and didn't really know what Youth Development was and unsure of what they wanted to major in which was normal. I remember being approached by a mother and her daughter, who she was a social worker. She stated that her daughter loved working with children but, didn't want to be a teacher or babysitter. The mother did think that Youth Development would be a good fit for her daughter.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


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Center for Resilience seeks to empower people to empower themselves through the practice of mindfulness which fosters success in the classroom, community and workplace. The Center for Resilience teaches youth about mindfulness and what it means to be mindful in and out of the classrooms. The center also has a resilient kids curriculum which focuses on social and emotional learning. Mindfulness helps reduce toxic stress, enhance concentration and grit and develop self-regulation and compassion.

Watching the videos on the teens stating their testimonies about resilience was very interesting to me. The students were empowered to change the way they act,feel about themselves and the way they are communicating with their peers and teachers. Through the different programs and resources the youth gets it really help them feel good about themselves and are engaging in learning in a positive manner. Center Resilience focuses on giving the students the skills and tools that they may not have so they can apply it to being a leader of the classroom as well as being successful.

As a result of the resilience program the children are able to use positive skills that they have learned to continue with their school day.  After returning back from lunch, recess or other free time children are able to feel empowered and encouraged to redirect themselves.
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Friday, November 11, 2016

Activism and the Youth Vote

After reading about Rock the Vote, I think that it is a good idea. Personally, it gives an individual an opportunity to know about the politics and to be able to voice their opinion about the election. It also gives them the opportunity to learn about the different issues that the todays society are facing.  The information on the website is well explained and addresses the issues and concerns that people are having.

What makes me shy from the voting booth is not knowing some of the names and even knowing what they are all about. I do not feel that informed about this years candidates and issues. Many debates have shown the candidates "true colors". It seemed to me that it was more of an argument of who is better and not really about who will improve on the country. This made me unsure if I really wanted to vote or not. I also felt unsure and confused about the candidates.

3 Questions I have for the class regarding the election:

1. Why is it that we have only a two-party system?
2. Who is in charge of funding presidential campaigns?
3. Why is this election more personal than policy?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nakkula and Toshalis

Identity in Context

Context Mapping is an approach where an individual can talk about their own life experiences. It also is having a different identity in different context settings. An example of this would be is how I would be as a student and how I would be as a professional at my job. Another example is how I used to be a Catholic and I didn't really know much about God, and now I am more towards a Christian knowing more about God and focusing more on the positive then negatives.

When the incident occurred when Julian did graffiti, Mitch asked Julian to list "the various spaces and relationships he is confronted on each day." He started making a list beginning with his family and then his teachers and classes at school. Julian's other task was to write down a list of what he believed each individual and context expected him as a person.

4 Types Of Identity:

1.Foreclosed Identity-  when an individual behaves in a particular manner with little or no experience

2. Diffuse Identity- is when an individual shows they want something in life but, they show no commitment to it.

3.Moratorium Identity- when individuals are in a state of crisis and who show no type of commitment and are exploring roles, behaviors and beliefs.

4. Achieved Identity-when an individual expresses commitment of something they want to achieve in life.

My Context Mapping


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ideology Horoscope

After taking the Ideology Test, I was a bit surprised by my results. I have learned that I am towards Critical Youth Development. I remember when I first took this in YDEV 250 I ended up with Positive Youth Development.  The beliefs are based on how teens are the legitimate actors and collaborators who are contributing their ideas to the people they are surrounded by or just the world. Youth are able to engage and impact one another and their own community.

When it comes to me and working with the youth I want to have my values tie in with them and make connections with them. Not only do I want to have an impact on them, but also be impacted by them. I think it is very important for youth to be engaged and share their own ideas/opinion and any contribution to any individual(s). Also, for the youth to have a bright future ahead of them is also important with the support of the people in their life. Friends, family, community can help co-author an individuals life.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Construction of Adolescence

Nakkula and Toshalis discussed The Construction of Adolescence on how it plays a role in adults and teens. Education, is discussed in the article and how it can affect youth. Adults can influence the youth either in a positive or negative way. Adults who set an influential pathway for teens will help them to be a part of coauthor is his or her life. However, looking back at my youth and even today, the ten people that I would choose that I feel that has a part of coauthoring in my life would be:

4.Poyfy (boyfriend)
5.Mr. Jackson (h.s guidance counselor)
10.Ana(family friend)

These ten people all had a major role in my life. Growing up each and every single one supported. My family, however is not my educator but, they played a huge role in coauthoring my life. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I am today. My mother, dad and sister was always there for me every step of the way. They never though about giving up on me. Everyone has their own life story. So, growing up throughout the years from child to adolescence I was a difficult individual they had to deal with. The person that I always wanted to be like when I grew up was my sister. Nicole was always the one that I would look up to and go to for advice if my mom wasn't around. I felt more comfortable talking to her about anything. When it came to academics I just felt that she was more knowledgeable and more intelligent that myself. There was a point in time that she would always push me to be better and had more faith in me than myself. She would challenge me to do better and always encourage me as well. My sister would always tell me that I can do anything that I put my mind to and to focus and just think positive and not negative. Nicole is a very compassionate person, she has been my role model and my inspiration. Even today she has still been there for me. Over the years we have grown closer to one another, even though she is miles away from me, we have established a more loving, closer relationship than before.  

List of vocabulary words:
  • Pathalogized
  • Theoretical
  • Tested Knowledge
  • Construction of Adolescence
  • Interpsychological Development
  • Scaffolding
  • Zone of Proximal Development
  • Reciprocal Transformation
  • Matters of Interpretation
  • Meeting of the minds

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A World Where Youth Hold the Power

Youth in Action gives the opportunity for young people to be able to express themselves in a positive way and change their environment. I agree with the style of youth engagement. I think that it is very important to allow youth to express their feelings and have their opinion on different inputs. With such roles and responsibilities for the youth to have like decision making skills, it can help them have a better understanding of their community and environment. It is sad to say that some adults think that because of someone's age that they have no knowledge or they may not know what there talking about. From my experiences as a teenager, I cant remember if I had any contribution towards the inputs of my school environment or around my community.

Youth and Action model the notion of "Leading with.." by showing that the youth are the leaders, that they are in charge and collaborating with one another. Social change is the main focus in this nonprofit organization. In the article, many of the YIA students share their personal stories of how they fought for their voices to be heard and acknowledged by others. Being part of YIA it has allowed the students to voice out their opinions and standing up for themselves in society as well as making a social change a reality in society. I think that it is very important to give the youth an opportunity to express and share their stories and individual struggles so that way you as an individual can work with them on how to go about solving their issue and finding solutions that they are comfortable with.

Ted Talk

In the ted talk, Mellody Hobson: Color blind or Color brave, Hobson discusses the issue of race. She begins the talk by sharing her own story of when she was seven years old and went to a birthday and was the only black person. Her mother questioned her and said, How did they treat you? She didn't really understand why someone would treat her differently. Hobson cited several statistics which included white men who make up 30% of the U.S population, they hold 70% of all corporate board seats. She was mistaken as a kitchen help, because she was the only black women when she arrived at a reception in the U.S Congress.  In my own personal experience, I remember at one of my jobs as a older teenager I was the only colored person. I felt out of place and a bit uncomfortable. It made me wonder and really think like why there were no colored people besides myself. I also have other experiences where in situations I felt like I wasn't able to express my feelings because I would be judged because of my skin color.

I agree with Mellody when she begins explaining about colorblindness not meaning there is no racial discrimination or fairness. It is important to not avoid race and to deal with it head on. Recognizing and embracing all races is important. I feel that it is important to express your opinion and share your personal experiences and "to get comfortable with the uncomfortable", like Hobson states in her talk.

As an environment like Youth and Action, the youth are encouraged to share their person life experiences and creating change in their environments. They also have the opportunity to interact with people of different diversity backgrounds and being able to express their opinions about issues of race without having fear of being judged about it. It is important for youth to understand this as well.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Who Am I?

My name is Mallory Moniz.
I am 23 years young and I am from Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I am a Youth Development Major with a minor in Psychology. Previous to that I have completed my Associates Degree at CCRI in general studies. When I am not in class I am usually working or spending tine with my boyfriend and family. I have a full-time job as a Behavioral Specialist for West Bay and part-time as a Pharmacy Technician at Rite Aid. Growing up I always wanted to work with children. At first, I thought I wanted to become a teacher then a nurse. However, it didn't go as planned but, I still am interested in working with the youth.

My Beautiful Family<3

Class of 2015
Cape Verde Islands