Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nakkula and Toshalis

Identity in Context

Context Mapping is an approach where an individual can talk about their own life experiences. It also is having a different identity in different context settings. An example of this would be is how I would be as a student and how I would be as a professional at my job. Another example is how I used to be a Catholic and I didn't really know much about God, and now I am more towards a Christian knowing more about God and focusing more on the positive then negatives.

When the incident occurred when Julian did graffiti, Mitch asked Julian to list "the various spaces and relationships he is confronted on each day." He started making a list beginning with his family and then his teachers and classes at school. Julian's other task was to write down a list of what he believed each individual and context expected him as a person.

4 Types Of Identity:

1.Foreclosed Identity-  when an individual behaves in a particular manner with little or no experience

2. Diffuse Identity- is when an individual shows they want something in life but, they show no commitment to it.

3.Moratorium Identity- when individuals are in a state of crisis and who show no type of commitment and are exploring roles, behaviors and beliefs.

4. Achieved Identity-when an individual expresses commitment of something they want to achieve in life.

My Context Mapping


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