Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ideology Horoscope

After taking the Ideology Test, I was a bit surprised by my results. I have learned that I am towards Critical Youth Development. I remember when I first took this in YDEV 250 I ended up with Positive Youth Development.  The beliefs are based on how teens are the legitimate actors and collaborators who are contributing their ideas to the people they are surrounded by or just the world. Youth are able to engage and impact one another and their own community.

When it comes to me and working with the youth I want to have my values tie in with them and make connections with them. Not only do I want to have an impact on them, but also be impacted by them. I think it is very important for youth to be engaged and share their own ideas/opinion and any contribution to any individual(s). Also, for the youth to have a bright future ahead of them is also important with the support of the people in their life. Friends, family, community can help co-author an individuals life.

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