Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Event 1

I attended the open house at Rhode Island College on Saturday, November 12th. It was an exciting event that I got to be apart of. I was representing the YDEV major with Dr.Bogad, and other students. Our responsibilities consumed of introducing ourselves and what was Youth Development and the different avenues that pertained to the major to the new students that may be choosing RIC as their college. When doing these few things it reminded me of the elevator speech when I practiced and learned it in Dr. McKamey's YDEV 250 class.

During the event, I was able to oversee one of my fellow classmates, Ilana which I think she did a wonderful job.  I learned pretty much how to explain how the major and just making it flow and not thinking about it as much just naturally letting it come out. A lot of the students that were coming up to our table seemed a bit confused and didn't really know what Youth Development was and unsure of what they wanted to major in which was normal. I remember being approached by a mother and her daughter, who she was a social worker. She stated that her daughter loved working with children but, didn't want to be a teacher or babysitter. The mother did think that Youth Development would be a good fit for her daughter.

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