Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Event 2

New Life New Bedford Kids Ministry

This is my first time ever to be able to serve kids ministry at this level with God and teaching his children about faith and God himself.

How we feel about Christmas being 6 days away... #🎄 #🙌🏻 #🎁

Our goal is to help children love God and love church!
The team that I am part of for New Life Kids is called Kingdom Kids. The ages range from preschool-kindergarten. Being part of the team is a great experience and empower the little ones and teach them about God at such a young age and to able to help them understand once they get older. We engage these children with bible stories, fun activities and vibrant worship. Within these the preschoolers learn three truths: God made them , God loves them and He wants to be their forever friend. (An example being New Life) Teaching the young children about God and having a relationship with them also helps them with identity. This reminds me of the article by Nakkula and Toshalis   on Identity

As the children grow older, I want them to know that I am here for them. Me being part of a team and serving the children I have learned about using connections I have to reach a goal, and to know that fellowship is important for our youth. I am so blessed to have given the opportunity and get the  experience with such wonderful people and serving God and his children.

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